Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Conference

An ADR conference is not a regular Canadian immigration appeal hearing. It is an informal meeting between you (the appellant) and an official from Canada Border Services Agency, who is referred to as Minister’s counsel. Minister’s counsel represents the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). A Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) from the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) will work with the Minister’s counsel and you to try to resolve your Canadian immigration case simply, quickly, and fairly.

If the case is resolved through the ADR Conference, a hearing will not be needed. An ADR can be resolved through the Minister consenting to your case or, alternatively, you may decide to withdraw your Alternative Dispute Resolution appeal. The ADR Conference will take about one hour to finish. Generally speaking, if your refusal involves one or two legal issues it is generally recommended for an ADR conference otherwise to full appeal hearings.

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