In-land Spousal Sponsorship Canada

Spousal Sponsorship Application in Canada

Congratulations, you have met the love of your life, and want to go through the process of Spousal sponsorship application or sponsoring your common-law partner as a permanent resident in Canada. We’re here to help.

Why should you choose Bash Ali and Associates for your spousal sponsorship application?

In-land Spousal Sponsorship Canada

Citizenship and Immigration officers scrutinize every piece of information and documents of an In-land spousal sponsorship Canada application for consistency, credibility and genuineness of the marital relationship. You must demonstrate conclusive documentary evidence that your marriage is both genuine and not entered solely for the purposes of gaining immigration status in Canada. We aim to ease the process of Spousal sponsorship application for you in whatever situation you might be.

We are a team of licensed professionals with extensive experience in successfully dealing with wife or spousal sponsorship applications in Canada. Our team consists of former immigration officers with wealth of proven experience working within the Citizenship and Immigration, Canada. All of our immigration counsels are members in good standing with (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) ICCRC. We have unmatched expertise in Spousal Sponsorship Canada services.

Wife Sponsorship Canada

Let our wealth of experience work for you as we can advocate persuasively on your behalf to get you Spousal sponsorship applications approved. Our team of experts dedicate their time and effort for your Wife Sponsorship Canada application and help bringing your beloved wife to Canadian shores in the quickest possible time.

“My wife and I are now happily starting our future together. We’re glad we had our Spousal sponsorship application done professionally with Bash Ali and Associates. We knew that the entire application process could be risky had we tried to do it ourselves. We have heard from our family friends that even genuine spouses were declined because they didn’t satisfy the office with enough of the quality evidence that they wanted to see. We would recommend them as the counsels are very experienced and know exactly how to prove your marriage with immigration.” – G. Nabi, Toronto

We can help save you time by showing you exactly what the immigration officers are looking for and what quality evidence needs to be provided for your marriage to be approved. We can guide you through all the requirements and documentation of In-land Spousal sponsorship Canada, so that you can continue doing what you do best, being a happy newlywed.

You can be confident that your wife sponsorship application is in trusted hands as we treat every wife sponsorship application to be the only application we have.

For a confidential In-land spousal sponsorship or wife sponsorship Canada consultation, please call # (416) 827-3615.