Why Should I retain your services?

Please refer to Our Team.

Do you charge for consultancy fee?

We understand that sometimes the clients do not need or cannot financially afford to retain the full services provided by an Immigration Practitioner, but just need a specific question answered in the beginning or during the processing of their visa application to Canada. You may need interview preparation tips in regards to your upcoming spousal sponsorship application or just have some questions about your Federal Skilled Worker application. There are times where the information you have is not enough or too much and you need the opinion of a knowledgeable professional in the field.

Our team of licensed, experienced and qualified immigration practitioners are here to help you.


E-mail us a message with your question and your time availability for the appointment.

Phone or conference

You can talk with one of our immigration practitioners over the phone or by using an internet voice program (Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk).

Our consulting fees are:

$100 CAD for 30 minutes

$200 CAD for 60 minutes

$250 CAD for 90 minutes

You do not have to call us in order to get our quality advice. After you have pre-paid our online consultation fee via Bank transfer or Western Union, we will ask you to send us your questions by email, and any relevant document to Bash & Associates.

A Certified Immigration Consultant or a former immigration staff will read through the information and if necessary will email you for clarification.

Once the case inquiry is clear and fully understood by us, one of our immigration professionals will thoroughly review your case specific inquiry and will analyze the same in the light of relevant immigration Acts or Regulations and will reply with their advice and legal course of action needs to be taken at your end.

Once you have received our reply, you will be able to ask for clarification on the specific subject through email, or you can schedule a phone call (5 minutes limit) with one of our team members on the specific subject asked originally.

Please be advised that the objective of this service is to provide a professional opinion that guides our clients in making a decision, or answers a doubt about his / her specific case. If your case is too complex and requires too many clarifications, or demands too much time from our practitioner, we will email you an estimate of the cost that will have to be paid before we address your case.

How much will it cost me?

Our retainer fees vary depending on the type of application and the specific circumstances that may surround your case. So it is not possible to quote a standard fee until we have thoroughly reviewed your case material.

The fees will be outlined clearly along with payment arrangements in advance of entering any formal retainer agreement.

What services do you provide?

Once retained, we assist our clients:

  • From the very beginning of the application processing until the final conclusion of the file.
  • Our team will help you gather the necessary information to submit a complete and error free application.
  • We will prepare a well-researched and thoughtful legal submission on your behalf highlighting the merits of your case to the appropriate visa office; in such a way that will positively increase the chances of success of your case.
  • The Canadian immigration officials will directly contact us if they wish to exchange or need any additional information or have questions or concerns on your case.
  • We will, after consulting with you response to those concerns in a most logical and thoughtful way to the responsible visa processing centre on your behalf to refute any possible concerns of the visa officer.
  • We will proactively update and suggest you with any new immigration rules/policy changes affecting your case.
  • We will also prepare you for your interview if applicable.
  • We will also assist you to meet the final immigration requirements prior to visa issuance (e.g. police clearances certificates, medical assessments, and/or proof of settlement funds etc.).
  • When you are landed in Canada as permanent resident, we will also have a full orientation service available.

How long does it take to get a visa?

It all depends on each type of cases as that is a difficult question to answer with exactness. Processing times vary depending upon current backlogs at the specific embassy responsible for processing your case. However, most of the times, processing times can be reduced if your immigration application is properly prepared and submitted with all the required documents.

Please note that the visa officers receive a large number of applications every day and don’t have enough resources to address all of your inquiries in a timely fashion. Some of our Canadian immigration lawyers have previously worked with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and have a clear understanding about the administrative procedures being applied at the overseas visa posts; which can be helpful in reducing your case processing times positively.

Does your company offers any Welcome to Canada settlement services?

For a very reasonable fee, we will arrange to pick you up at the airport, arrange for temporary low cost accommodation conveniently located around your area of preferences in Toronto, and assist you in becoming orientated to the city (e.g. maps and transportation guides), assist in obtaining a Social Insurance Number and Health Insurance Cards etc. We will also, if you wish, refer to our associate service for help with your job search. It is professional, yet friendly and most responsive to your individual needs.