Business Immigration

Program Eligibility – Introduction

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) is a provincial immigration program made possible through the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement. It allows the Government of Manitoba to recruit and nominate immigrants who are best suited to contribute to Manitoba’s economy. Applicants nominated by Manitoba should receive favourable and prompt consideration from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as long as they comply with CIC’s statutory requirements, submit bona fide documents, and have a genuine intention to reside in Manitoba.

The MPNP-B will only nominate individuals who intend to reside in Manitoba with their dependent family members, make an investment into a new or existing business and assume an active managerial role in that business. Individuals who do not meet all program requirements are encouraged to explore other provincial and federal immigration programs.

MPNP-B Eligibility

To qualify for the MPNP-B, interested applicants must:

  • have a minimum verifiable personal net worth of CDN$350,000;
  • have a minimum three years of successful business ownership and management experience or a minimum three years of executive-level experience as senior manager of a business;
  • Nominated applicants will be required to submit a good-faith deposit in the amount of CDN $100,000. This deposit is refundable to applicants, without interest, once they have met the terms and conditions of their Deposit Agreement. Prior to landing as a PR, an applicant who withdraws his/her application will be refunded his/her deposit.
  • Conduct

The applicant must also be prepared to:

  • attend an interview with a MPNP-B officer;
  • make an Eligible Business Investment in Manitoba; and
  • Nreside in Manitoba along with his/her dependent family members.

The applicant may have to:

  • conduct an Exploratory Visit to Manitoba for at least 5 business days. The applicant must provide a visit report and other documents to demonstrate the research conducted during this visit; and
  • provide the results of a language competency test to demonstrate language proficiency.

Eligible Business Investments

Business Investments will not be eligible if they do not meet the MPNP-B's requirements for investment and business activities.


  1. The Investment of your personal assets should be no less than CDN$150,000 in tangible assets** in Manitoba, unless the Investment includes a portion of working capital that is in conformity with the industry's capital investment structure defined by statistics from Industry Canada, and the total investment including working capital is no less than CDN$150,000.
  2. Investment into personal items such as the principal residence and motor vehicles for personal use will not be counted as part of a business investment.
  3. Investments into a business operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment income are not eligible.
  4. Investments into a business operated primarily for the purposes of deriving passive investment income are not eligible.

Business Activities

  • A business entity should have ongoing and recurring business activities in Manitoba.
  • You are required to actively participate in the management of the business on an ongoing basis from within Manitoba.
  • The business must be legal and viable in Manitoba's economic environment, and you must have the necessary resources and skills to operate such a business.
  • The MPNP-B requires you to conduct value-added business activities in Manitoba. Purely speculative activities and passive investment schemes do not qualify under the MPNP-B.

**Tangible assets are items such as land, buildings, motor vehicles, furniture, office equipment, computers, fixtures and fittings, machinery, and inventory, etc.