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Toronto immigration consultant

We are a team of dedicated, committed and licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants, qualified lawyers and former senior immigration staff including visa officers (overseas visa posts), immigration officers (in-land immigration offices), and board members (judges) at IRB (Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada).

All of our team members of Canadian immigration consultants have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Federal Court of Canada and Legal Aid Ontario. Once a potential client approaches us with an enquiry, one of our former senior immigration staff members will be consulted to the merits of the case. We will then tailor a customized immigration solutions report based on your case specific Canadian immigration needs.

We also have strategic partnerships with qualified and certified Accountants, licensed and experienced realtors, and highly professional wealth management and financial planners to address your real estate, tax and financial planning needs.

Together, we have expertise, knowledge of Canadian immigration laws, and experience to offer you a quality representation at affordable and flexible payment terms.